Artist Led Workshops Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in NUMU’s Artist Led Workshops Program.
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Submission Criteria

  • Have demonstrable experience leading 2-3 hour-long workshops/classes  
  • Maintain an active social media following on Facebook and/or Instagram 
  • Maintain artist website with images of works
  • Must be 18 years or over and U.S. resident able to work in United States.
  • Have an established residence in the Bay Area (San Francisco to Monterey)

Artist Led Workshop Application

  • Please read carefully and complete ALL information fields.
  • Please do not send USBs, CDs, the application form or  other printed materials  via snail mail/postal service.
  • All submissions will be reviewed and responded to within three weeks of receipt.
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Please include name, phone number, email address, relationship to you, and how many years known. *NOTE: These references must be related to artist workshops. Please do not include family, friends, or colleagues.
Please describe your proposed workshop. Be sure to include medium(s) taught, the fundamental skills students will learn/develop, preferred class size, duration of workshop (include preferred hours and days/evenings )*NOTE: NUMU Studio max capacity is 14 students. What benefits does your workshop offer to the community? Why do you want to offer your workshop at NUMU?
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