New Museum Los Gatos Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Welcome to our FY2016 Annual Report. 

We are grateful to all who helped us fill our glass this year!

FY2016 was a very active one for The Los Gatos Museum Association. After a successful re-branding, we closed the doors to our 2 smaller museums and united under one
roof as NUMU. We opened half of the new museum on June 6, 2015 and the second half on November 5th.

We have now been half open for a full year and fully open for half a year. It is difficult to quantify the results of such a complicated equation, but it does remind me of the question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” Really, the glass ‘full or empty’ metaphor is properly used as an attempt to clarify. 

Our Annual Report makes clear to me that the NUMU glass is not only half full but has the potential to rise to the top. Amid the construction and detritus, we have successfully created new programming and partnerships, set goals for exhibits and audience engagement and have expanded our donor and member base. 

Our best memories from this year are of the museum crowded with visitors of all ages, the Plaza overflowing with community experiencing lasso lessons, hugging machines and characters from the past, and our MakerSpace and Atelier filled with artists, makers and tinkerers. Our best memories involve you; our community, volunteers, supporters and partners. 

We are all thrilled to be a part of the cultural growth of Los Gatos. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Advisory Council and staff, we thank everyone who contributed their time, talent or treasure to help NUMU stay locally connected and globally relevant, celebrating our auspicious history and art, and giving those stories a space to be shared. 

Here’s to raising the glass line from half full to running over.

Lisa Coscino, Executive Director

F Y 2 0 1 6   D o n o r s

Donations as of June 30, 2016

John& Timi Sobrato
The Michael* & Alyce
          Parsons Foundation

The Flick Family
Los Gatos Morning Rotary
Scott  McDonald, Loann Nguyen
          & Ceres Foundation
Dan Springer**

Borgenicht Foundation
Peggy* & Phil Koen

Dr. Thurman Rogers &
          Valeta Massey    
Alain Pinel Realtors
Jan Schwartz* & Bob Baden
Mary Ellen* & Bill Comport    
Carter* & Kirsten Crum
Barney* & Mary Davidge  
Lynette DiNapoli    
Marilyn & Frank Dorsa
Heinlein Prize Trust  
Rosemarie Flick    
Heritage Bank of Commerce  
Valerie & John Hopkins    
Sabine & David Lam    
Edward & Phoebe Morimoto    
Los Gatos Community Foundation  
The Waitte Foundation  
Town of Los Gatos
Maria West Castellano
          Family Foundation  

Rita Baum
Phillip & Pamela Bond    
Donald & Dale Boyle    
Linda Daane    
Kevan & Anita Del Grande    
Laura Howard & Gene Faucher    
Ken & Connie Hess    
Emily Holton    
Nicole Nicoladis    
Jeannie & Jim Ottinger    
Jane & Richard Peattie    
Janet Wolf

Robert Macartney
          & Margaret Bielski    
Steve Dolan & Andrea Schwartz  
Andrea Schwartz Gallery  
Anne Johnson Interiors  
Kurt & Judy Anslinger    
Ann & Tom Atkinson    
Rosemary Bacy    
Michael & Toni Baggett  
Roger Barnes    
Robert & Dorothy Billner    
Janis Black    
Rita Boren    
Lance Bye    
Sylvia Colt de Almeida    
Lisa Coscino    
Mary Ann Coscino    
Kirk & Bette Cruikshank    
Nancy De Weese    
Kenneth & Kristen Dickens  
Deborah Downs    
Kay & William Duffy    
Denise Dulin    
David & Anneke Dury    
Judith Ann Etherington    
Lon Fenchel    
Stephanie & Jeff Figeira    
Bruce Fox    
Madeleine Frankel    
John & Kathryn Giannotti
Susan Jaekel & Rick Guidice       
Farah T. Hasan    
Darren & Shawn Imai    
Joan Kjemtrup    
Rick & Jody Knauf    
George & Peggy Kohl    
James Leventhal    
Mat Lindstedt    
Sharon Long    
Howard & Karen Loomis    
Los Gatos Music & Arts Teri Hope  
Don & Mary Macleod    
Terry J. Martin Associates, AIA
Jerome McCoy    
Gordon & Pamela Mitchard    
Sylvia Moore    
Lisa Moreno    
Pamela & Tim Murphy
Nancy Nickerson    
Linda Poncetta

Rabbit Office Automation  
Julie & James Rees    
Charles Roberts    
John Saunders    
Thomas Schamadan    
JoAnn Shank    
Mort & Alba Sherin    
Angie Smith    
Richard D. Smith    
Daniel Tellep
Rick* & Jill Van Hoesen
The Alarm Company, Inc.
Joni Thomas & Vallery Rogers    
Kathleen & Dennis Varni    
William Walker    
William & Martha Weiner    
Winfield Gallery

Director’s Circle Members|  $2,500
Gretchen Bell
Jeffrey & Kathryn Janoff
Shahram Javey
          & Maureen Cappon-Javey*
Bill & Mary Ellen Kaschub*
Peggy* & Phill Koen
Wanda Kownacki
Michael* & Alyce Parsons
Matthew Schechter*
Jan Schwartz* & Bob Baden
Jon & Marsha Witkin

Curator’s Circle Members|  $1,000
Mickie & Gibson Anderson
Jennifer & Robert Chen
Mary Ellen* & Bill Comport
Carter* & Kristen Crum
Barney* & Mary Davidge
John** & Lisa Kohler
Lee & Paul Quintana
Julie & Mark Robson
Apperley & Leilani Szasz
Tom** & Rosemary Tisch
Rick* & Jill Van Hoesen
Kim Worsencroft & Dennis McEvoy
Ann Marie & Ralph Zimmermann



* Board Members
**Advisory Council