Brownie Badge Program (grades 2-3)

NUMU offers 3 brownie badge programs. All five steps are completed in a two hour session in the NUMU MakerSpace. All Brownie Badge Programs include a badge and are run by the NUMU MakerSpace Coordinator. Reservations must be made in advance, minimum of 5 participants. 

Girl Scout Brownies are ready to take on the world! They want to learn new things and show off what they know. They want to explore the world and meet new people. And they want to do something big that makes them feel great! - Girls Scouts of America

$30 per badge participant (includes badge)
$5 per chaperone (1 chaperone per 5 participants) to make your reservation

Questions? | (408) 354-2646


Letterbox Badge

When I've earned this badge, I'll know how to have fun adventures by finding and hiding letterboxes.

Brownies start by learning about letterboxing and different stamp making techniques. They’ll use pencils and paper to design their own stamp and work together to carve their stamps out. Brownies will make their own log book with paper and staples and design for the cover. Next the girls will work together to solve a museum explorer worksheet that will help them learn about the art and history on display in our current exhibitions. Finally the girls will be given a list of clues that will lead them to NUMU’s own letterbox hidden somewhere in the museum. Once they find our letterbox they can put their first letterbox stamp in their logs and leave their stamp in ours!


Painting Brownie.png

Painting Badge

Learn to paint and color your world in super strokes.

Take a tour of the museum with one of our staff and get inspired by the artwork you see! Scouts will learn about how color choice conveys mood and see a few sample pieces, use inspiration from museum pieces, and take sponges, fingers, and finally brushes to paper to create a masterpiece mural together.


Making Games Badge

When I've earned this badge, I'll know how to create new games and share them with others.

Brownies will start with a scavenger hunt around NUMU, collecting clues to help find our “missing painting” and to discover who is responsible for losing it. Then we’ll be heading down to the makerspace for our own rendition of musical chairs, and next we’ll change things up by adding new rules! Finally, scouts will use their imaginations to create a whole new sport!