Cadette Badge Program (grades 6-8)

NUMU offers Cadette Badge Programs for grades 6 - 8. Cadette Badge Programs include all 5 steps and 2 hours in the NUMU Studio. They do not include a badge. Programs take place on Saturdays and reservations must be made in advance. Minimum 5 participants

Cadettes blaze new trails in the wilderness, write and direct their own movies, take the stage for public speaking, make delicious meals from around the world, and pick up tools to do some woodworking. Their curiosity and imagination lead the way as they try all kinds of new experiences. - Girl Scouts of America

$25* per badge participant (does not include badge)
$5* each chaperone (1 chaperone per 5 participants)

*prices include museum admission

Questions? | (408) 354-2646


Book Artist

To earn this badge, you'll glue, stitch, and fold your way to shaping your own book-artistry styl,e and create spectacular gifts and keepsakes.

Learn about the world of bookmaking at NUMU. We’ll explore what books were like through the ages and try our hand at some bookmaking techniques.  Scouts will learn about different book styles, use  bookmaking tools like awls and waxed string and make their own fun and fabulous books using real bookmaker techniques like marbling.


Comic Book Artist

So what is a comic, exactly? It’s a visual story told however you would like to tell it. Go for it!

Scouts will learn a brief history of comic books and have a look through a variety of comic books. They’ll decide on a story to tell with help from our story starters, if they get stuck, they'll use whiteboards and paper to design characters and settings. Finally, they’ll use our comic book pages to visualize their story and add in words.