Rattle Workshop

Rattle Workshop

Thursday, June 8  |  6-8pm  |  Ages 7+*
$35 (Small Rattle), $55 (Medium Rattle), $85 (Large Rattle) 

No physical ticket will be issued. Your name will be added to the workshop roster, please check in at admissions desk. 
*Children under age 10 should be accompanied by an adult

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Create a rattle made from elk, buffalo, moose, or deer hide. Participants are encouraged to bring items that can be attached to the rattle for decoration. There will be yarn, beads, leather, fur, etc available also. This workshop is limited to ten participants, and all workshops begin with a smudging ritual prior to working with our hands.

Pablo Diego Viramontes, nHanHu (Otomi Nation) is a renowned Native/Indigenous Craftsperson and Art Instructor who has exhibited his art regionally, nationally, and internationally.  He received his MA., Lifetime Teaching Credential, and BA from San Jose State University.  He retired from santa Clara County Office of Education, Alternative Schools Department with over 40 years experience working with "at risk" students.  He is currently on the board with the Indian Health Center Santa Clara Valley He is an Advisor and leader, and drum caretaker of the 500 Mile American Indian Spiritual Marathon.  His workshops include dreamcatchers, pouches, hand drums, powwow drums, ojo de dios, rattles, rainsticks, bead work and much more.  Using ritual and ceremony in every workshop participants discover their gifts of "HANDS", helping theindividual/s rekindle the power of creativity and healing.