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Clay Printing with Printmaker Martha Castillo

Clay Printing with Printmaker Martha Castillo

Friday-Saturday, August 24 + 25, 2018  

10am-3pm  | Skill Level: Beginner +

Class Fee: $210 + $30 Materials Fee, collected by the artist

All class fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable

In this two-day workshop, students will be introduced to a new and innovative approach to monotype printmaking called Clay Print. This technique substitutes potter's clay and pure pigments for the traditional rigid plate and printmaker’s inks.  Involving a buildup of many layers of pigmented clay slip on an un-fired clay slab, the prints are hand pulled onto a polyester ‘canvas’. This medium appeals to artists with ceramic backgrounds, printmaking, and other mediums as well. No experience is required.

Students will learn to make vibrant monotype prints using only potter’s clay and pure pigments. The process is water based, and uses hand tools only; no press, no fumes, and easy cleanup!  The technique is ideally suited to impressionist style and abstract imagery; However, using stencils and masks creates the possibility for more representational work.

Beginning with a comprehensive demonstration of the technique, each student will prepare their individual printing plate. We will devote the rest of the workshop to building layers of color and shapes to create images and make prints, with additional demonstrations as needed. Each student receives plenty of individual attention, while still being free to work at their own pace. In addition to making prints, we will have opportunities for group and/or individual critiques along the way and will discuss various methods of displaying finished works: several examples will be provided.

At the end of the workshop, students will keep their clay printing board and should have several finished prints to take home. A handout will list sources for various materials and supplies, as well as instructions for caring for the board, and for building larger ones. 

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All class fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable

About the Instructor

An award-winning artist, Martha Castillo was born and raised in the Boston area.  She began teaching while still in high school. She has taught art classes in various mediums to adults and children for more than 50 years.  Her art career has encompassed numerous techniques, including mixed-media, painting, ceramics, sculpture, traditional print making and three-dimensional paper casting.  When she met Mitch Lyons, the inventor of Clayprinting, at a 2004 workshop in Philadelphia, PA., she felt that all her previous experience had been preparing her for this medium.  She has studied with Lyons on numerous occasions and has been teaching Clayprinting since 2004.

Martha teaches and gives demos in her Palo Alto studio as well as Bay Area venues, including Art Guilds, Open Studios, the Richmond Art Center, and venues farther afield. She exhibits at Gallery House in Palo Alto, and other venues, and is a member of the California Society of Printmakers.