Junior Badge Program (grades 4-5)

NUMU offers Junior Badge Programs for grades 4 -5. Junior Badge Programs take 2 hours to complete in the NUMU Studio and do not include a badge. 5 participants minimum.

Juniors are explorers when they go camping for the first time. They're CEOs when they market and sell cookies. They're scientists when they do energy audits and go on nature walks. And they're product designers and writers when they earn their Innovation and Storytelling badges, not to mention change makersbig-idea thinkers, and future leaders. Superhero, indeed! - Girl Scouts of American

$25* per badge participant (does not include badge)
$5* each chaperone

*prices include admission

Questions? makerspace@numulosgatos.org | (408) 354-2646


Jeweler Badge Program

Try this badge and you'll have something wonderful to wear in no time.

Become a jeweler at NUMU! Scouts will get to see and learn about different types of jewelry and how they're made. Scouts will study a few pieces from our permanent collection, create a design, and use our tools to make a beautiful piece of jewelry they can keep!


Drawing Badge Program

Earning this badge, you’ll learn techniques to make your drawings even better—which will make it more fun to see what your imagination can do. 

Scouts will get a chance to experiment using charcoal, oil pastel, and drawing instruments of varying kinds -- quills, bamboo pens and ink, ballpoint pens and markers. We’ll use props and other items as subjects to study shading and perspective and we’ll study some classic examples of graphic art before each scout receives her drawing assignment and creates a finished piece of art.