Gemini Jack Gabriel Coke


Gabriel Coke was born in Colorado and spent his early years in the Midwest, but considers the west coast his home. He graduated from high school in Oregon, studied in Washington, and for many years lived and painted in a large studio in Arcata, California. For the past 15 years he has lived and taught in the south bay area. He lives with his family among the redwoods in the mountains near Santa Cruz. 

Gabriel’s artistic passion is the classical style of drawing and painting taught by the old masters. The combination of art and science that goes into the accurate rendering of form in space appeals to his curious mind. 

Although he studied painting and drawing in college, Gabriel was not satisfied with his artistic progress until he started to meet and study with his real teachers - the masters who were willing to share their experience and knowledge with him directly. 

As an educator, Gabriel’s sense of purpose comes from passing on this knowledge to the next generation. He enjoys helping young artists develop their portfolios for applying to art schools or pursuing other creative fields. He believes that work in any medium benefits from the perceptual skills that are developed by classical study, and that the only way to learn them is by working closely with a master.

The invitation from New Museum Los Gatos to create a contemporary classical teaching atelier as one of its innovative new programs was a dream come true. By doing so NUMU has restored fine art education to its rightful place, happily coexisting with modern art and other current media. 

Gabriel is inspired by the idea of this new studio shaping the creative future of many young artists, while giving families an inspiring place for artistic community. He is humbled and thankful to be included in this adventure, and looks forward to welcoming a new generation of students to the NUMU Atelier. 

Contact Gabriel directly at 831.345.1845, or email


A Select Portfolio of Gabriel's Drawings and Paintings

Where Gabriel has Studied and Taught

The Grand Central Academy of Art, New York, NY  •  Frovik Kunstskole, Sannidal, Norway  •  Ecole Albert deFois, Loire Valley, France

The Studio of Anthony Ryder, Santa Fe, NM  •  The Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA  •  The Concrete Tower, Old Arcata Creamery, Arcata, CA 

Cloud Castle Art Studio, Saratoga, CA  •  NUMU Atelier, Los Gatos, CA