Senior Badge Program (grades 9-10)

NUMU offers 1 Senior Badge Programs for grades 9 - 10. Senior Badge Programs include all 5 steps and  2 hours in the NUMU Studio. They do not include a badge. Programs take place on Saturdays and reservations must be made in advance. 5 participant minimum. 

Girl Scout Seniors are ready to take the world by storm—and Girl Scouts will give them millions of ways to do it. - Girl Scouts of America

$25* per badge participant (does not include badge)
$5* each chaperone (1 chaperone per 5 participants)

*prices include admission

Questions? | (408) 354-2646


Collage Artists

Get ready to see the creative possibility in everyday objects. This badge project is an opportunity to make art as unique as you are.

Learn to collage with NUMU! Scouts will take a look at professional collage artistry and learn what makes a collage. Scouts will practice skills to compose a collage, make color choices, work with an array of found items and learn how to share an idea with collage. Each participant will end up with a beautiful piece to take home!