New Museum Los Gatos Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016-2017


All of us at New Museum Los Gatos are so grateful for your support of NUMU.

Our FY17 Annual Report will reveal many exciting successes we experienced last year. Once again, we have had a year of incredible growth, financially and program-wide. Highlights include our Cement Prairie exhibition featured as a program at the California Historical Society in San Francisco while another exhibit, Arcadia et Ego traveled to Los Angeles. MakerSpace Open Studio attendance soared and submissions to our Annual High School exhibition, ArtNow reached an all time high!

Each year our Annual Campaign creates funding for expenses that are integral to NUMU’s operation. These donations provide the foundation on which NUMU continues to build and grow. Our FY17 Annual Campaign last push in June exceeded expectations and raised over $33,000 helping us to end the year at our budget goals. Our total FY2017 Annual Campaign raised over $84,000 and income in other major contributed categories such as Grants and Corporate donations also exceeded goals.

Fifty years ago, revolution was in the air. In the Bay Area, the civil rights movement shaped a new vision of the world. As we learn from our current exhibits, people come together to make change. Change is a process of which support is an important ingredient. Your support this past year has been so important as it allows us to continually change, adapt and to present a new way of seeing.

This coming year we have many new and eye opening experiences to share with you. While some may say we wear rose-colored glasses, our vision has never been clearer. Our sights are set to illuminate the artists, histories and innovators of our time. Thank you for sharing our vision!

With gratitude,

Lisa Coscino, Executive Director


F Y 2 0 1 7   D o n o r s

Donations as of June 30, 2017

$20,000 +

Dan**, Michael and Robert Springer
The Michael and Alyce Parsons Foundation


Badger Meter, Inc
Ranae DeSantis
The Ariko Family Foundation
The Borgenicht Foundation
The Flick Family


Amy Fasnacht // Azuca
Ceres Charitable Foundation
The Daane Family
Peggy* & Philip Koen
Los Gatos Morning Rotary
Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc.
Silicon Valley Creates
The Newport Family Foundation
The Valley Foundation
Town of Los Gatos

$1,000 - 4,999

Larry Arzie & David Stonesifer
Gretchen Bell
Mary Ellen* & Bill Comport
Lisa Coscino
Barney* & Mary Davidge
Lynette DiNapoli
Kathryn Edwards
EMQ Auxiliary  (Butter Paddle Gift Shop)
EMQ Guild  (Happy Dragon Thrift Shop)
Farrington Historical Foundation
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Valerie & John Hopkins
Wanda Kownacki
Sabine & David Lam
Maggie Leach
Los Gatos Community Foundation
Ginger & John McDonald
Edward & Phoebe Morimoto
Al Parsano
Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation
The Applied Materials Foundation
Geri & Kristin Weimers
Whitney Education Foundation
Whitney Modern Fine Art Gallery
Janne & Bill Wissel
Jon & Marsha Witkin
Kim Worsencroft & Dennis McEvoy

$500 - 999

Jan Schwartz* & Bob Baden
Donald & Dale Boyle
Robin Purohit & Marie Cameron
Shahram Javey & Maureen Cappon-Javey
Michael Miller & Mary Curtis
Michael & Mary Ellen Fox
David Ligare & Gary Smith
Susan Jaekel & Rick Guidice


Rita Horiguchi
Debi & Rick Justice
Gary Kohlsaat
Donald Leonard
Sharon Long
Rita & Kent Norton
James Ottinger
Jane & Richard Peattie
Roy Marshall & Marlene Rodman
Matthew Schechter*
Mr. Suresh & Mrs. Shoba
Joanne & Nick Talesfore
The Alarm Company, Inc.
Andrea & Joe Thomas
Ellis* & Gail Weeker
William & Martha Weiner

$100 - 499

Frank & Barbara Alioto
Gene & Jan Blakeslee
Kris Boucher
Joe Buchwald
Karla Albright & Chris Burkhart
Elaine Cardinale
Amy Carroll
Noreen & Art Christopher
ClearEdge Advisors
Sylvia Colt de Almeida
Mary Ann Coscino
Marilyn & Laurence Cosden
Bernice & Randy Cowherd
Sandy & Gil Decker
Dolce Spazio Dessert Cafe
Bill Dudney
Katherine & William Duffy
Elke Groves
Cindy & Stanley Gum
Lynn Harper
Patricia Heller
Jane Hiatt
Gary Hinze
Dr. Jerrold Hiura
Sandra Moll & Rick Holden
Ken & Julie Houp
Darren & Shawn Imai
Jeffrey & Kathryn Janoff
Judy & Donald Johnstone
Joan Kjemtrup
George & Peggy Kohl
John** & Lisa Kohler
Ernest Kraule
Felice Leeds
Max & Carolyn Lettween
Marca Lombardo
Margaret Bielski & Robert Macartney
Orla MacLean
Lisa Mammel
Robin Mano
Katie Mazzeo
Gordon & Pamela Mitchard
Ashby & Courtney Monk
Mike Murdock
Pamela & Tim Murphy
Naresh Murthy
Bill & Maggie Parkin
Mike* & Alyce Parsons

Lucille & David Plank
Linda Poncetta
Mort & Alba Sherin
Mercy Smullen
Bonnie & Lee Stone
Wes & Katherine Tamai
TEAMWRKX Construction
Daniel Tellep
Tom** & Rosemary Tisch
Chris Trapani
Rick & Jill Van Hoesen
William & Mikiko Walker
Barbara White

Director’s Circle Members | $2,500

Jan Schwartz* & Bob Baden
Gretchen Bell
Shahram Javey & Maureen Cappon-Javey
Carter* & Kirsten Crum
Barney* & Mary Davidge
Jeffrey & Kathryn Janoff
Peggy* & Philip Koen
John** & Lisa Kohler
Wanda Kownacki
Scott McDonald* & Loann Nguyen
Mike* & Alyce Parsons
Matthew Schechter*
Ellis* & Gail Weeker
Janne & Bill Wissel
Jon & Marsha Witkin

Curators’ Circle Members | $1,000

Mickie & Gibson Anderson
Szasz & Leilani Apperley
Jo & Barry Ariko
Larry Arzie & David Stonesifer
Karla Albright & Chris Burkhart
Elaine Cardinale
Jennifer & Robert Chen
Noreen & Art Christopher
Mary Ellen* & Bill Comport
Linda & John Daane
Shari & Jim Dorrian
Jim Emerson
Valerie & John Hopkins
Bill & Mary Ellen* Kaschub
Rock Magnan & Rhonda Lappen
Nicole Nicoladis
Kim & Dona Niederman
Jennifer & Meridian Ondrejka
Lee & Paul Quintana
Tom** & Rosemary Tisch
Jeanette & Dan Turkus
Rick & Jill Van Hoesen
Janet Wolf
Ann Marie & Ralph Zimmermann

* Board Members
** Advisory Council