Artist Led Workshops [ ALW ]: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Artist Led Workshops and Studio Rental?

Artist Led Workshop:

  • Open to artists who would like to lead a workshop.
  • Artists are required to submit an online application and meet certain eligibility requirements. 

Studio Rental:

  • Open to artists, individuals or artist groups interested in private studio rental to conduct their art practice (restrictions apply)
  • Rental application must be completed. 
  • NUMU collects rent from artist/group, based on a rate schedule. 
  • Studio rental agreements are for art-making purposes ONLY.

* NOTE: For all other studio rental requests,  please refer to NUMU's  "Rent the Museum" facility rental program  (e.g.,  hosting parties, corporate events, meetings, etc.)

How do I promote my workshop? 

The ALW program is a collaboration between NUMU and practicing artists who are interested in teaching workshops and classes. The success of these programs is built on a strong collaborative marketing and promotional platform between the artist and the museum.  Successful ALW instructors proactively promote their workshops and grow their student base through a variety of marketing channels -  social media, email news blasts, flyers, word-of-mouth, etc. NUMU will provide marketing support but instructors must take the marketing lead to secure student participation in their workshops.

What if I’ve never led a workshop? Can I still apply?

Yes. However, there are advantages to having led workshops in the past, developing a curriculum and promoting your workshops.

What are the basic steps to becoming a NUMU workshop instructor?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Complete and submit application
  2. Meet with ALW Program Coordinator  
  3. Upon invitation, work out details and logistics of workshop
  4. Sign contract. 
  5. Promote your workshop!
  6. Deliver excellent instruction.

Is there an application fee?

No! As a non-profit organization, NUMU strives to promote arts within the Bay Area across the board. 

Can my workshop be cancelled?

Yes, workshops will be cancelled if a minimum registration quota is not met, as agreed upon in contract.

When can I lead a workshop at NUMU? Is there a workshop schedule?

The NUMU workshop schedule varies month to month, indicate your preferences in your application and we will coordinate from there. 

How often can I teach a workshop at NUMU?

If you can meet eligibility requirements, as often as you wish!  (schedule permitting)


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