Giants in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of Airships

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, where our culture focuses on creating the smallest, most sophisticated devices, we take this opportunity to look back at a time when bigger was better.  

In the early 20th Century airships became both a promising technology and an exclusive mode of luxury travel, but this lasted just one generation. During this golden age of air discovery, Moffett Field was home to the great airship USS Macon, beginning its legacy as a birthplace for scientific, technological research and development. The story of airships explores the quest for aeronautic innovation, its infusion into popular culture, and the rise and fall of a technology that continues to capture our imagination. San Francisco artists Jenny Robinson, Stacey Carter and California artist Michael Rosenfeld illustrate the scale and grandeur of these superstructures, and contributions from private collections of ephemera, photographs and objects will provide historical context.