Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP)

Lunar Orbiter Reproductions on Photo Paper | $45 -$70
Original Lunar Orbitar Prints | $250

In  2008, working out of an abandoned McDonald's building on the NASA campus in Sunnyvale, a group of dedicated scientists, former NASA employees, and three 12-year-old interns began a project to recover the original NASA Lunar Orbiter images from 1966-67, integral for the safe landing of the first Apollo landing on the moon. Due to neglect and indifference over time, the original data, stored on large tape reels, was nearly lost. Now, fifty years after the Lunar Orbiter project, this vital piece of lunar mission history has been saved, enhanced  and digitized, thanks to  the tenacity and foresight of a handful of self described “techno-archaeologists.”  Our museum will partner with LOIRP to bring this extraordinary piece of NASA history to the public, and support the ongoing efforts of the LOIRP team.  

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Original 1965 Lunar Orbiter film:

Reproduction Moon Prints Available

Printed on photo paper, courtesy of LOIRP

LOIRP Earthrise photo (unframed)*
LOIRP Moon Close Up photo (unframed)*
LOIRP Landscape photo (unframed)*

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