Art Exhibitions On View for Museum Explorers

On The Shoulders of Giants   |  May 17-October 13, 2019

The artist’s atelier, or workshop, was an important entity at a time when the vocational path to becoming a painter or sculptor required formal education and approval of a local guild or academy. Apprentices paid a master artist to learn the fundamental principles of drawing and painting while assisting in the creation of works commissioned by wealthy patrons.  The global community of modern ateliers continues this tradition of collaborative training in fundamental skills and techniques over a period of years, allowing the student to acquire skills and then apply individual expression to themes and content. Working in an atelier fosters discipline; teaching artists to cultivate awareness, observe details and appreciate the expertise of the masters. 

Since 2015, the NUMU Atelier has provided an ideal, dedicated studio space for high-quality and personalized education in classical techniques of drawing and painting as well as a space for those wishing to renew and cultivate their artistic abilities. Visiting contemporary master artists share their wisdom and experience in a collaborative educational practice for students of all ages.

On the Shoulders of Giants provides a glimpse into the process and achievements of both living master artists and the young students who have learned from them. The works of these master artists demonstrate the impressive talents and passions shared in this classical setting at the NUMU Atelier – the works of giants on whose shoulders our young students stand as they develop their own skills in the traditions of so many before them. 

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