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An important function of an atelier is to introduce its students to experienced instructors and working artists. NUMU's Visiting Artist Workshops program introduces new and interesting  instructors to our local artist community, and invites venerable favorites like David Gray, Cuong Nguyen, Jim McVicker, Bob Semans, Elizabeth Zanzinger and other masters, to lead fun and challenging programming for students at all skill levels. 

NUMU is honored to host these bright, well-trained and internationally experienced educators at the NUMU Studio. We encourage atelier students to take advantage of the opportunity to kick their skills up a notch or two by studying with them, and each other.

Working with a master and practicing new skills and techniques with other artists is a learning experience on many levels. Our workshops are self paced. Start where you are, and progress at your own speed. Our instructors are happy to guide you. 

*Workshop fees are non-refundable unless the workshop is cancelled by NUMU.