In the Artist’s Studio is a rotating exhibition program. Exhibitions will focus on studio practice, process, technique and creative problem solving. Exhibitions rotate every 4-5 months.

As a small museum in close proximity to a major city with major museums, we see our success in being able to story tell in new and different ways. Most people do not have the opportunity to visit an artist’s studio and learn first hand how artwork is made – but more importantly WHY it is made. Artmaking is a response to environmental, cultural, political and personal experiences. The issues that artists tackle and the way they rely on their creativity and resourcefulness to problem solve is not only fascinating but important to share. Artists are the arbiters of culture, telling us our history as we live it, years before historians can sort through and make sense of it. We intend this program to offer ideas and insight into this process and not the outcome – the artwork itself – and thereby share the creativity, intelligence and empathy that goes into the creative process. 

The visitor focus of the program gives insight into:

  • What a working artist studio looks and feels like – often not available to the general public

  • The influences and experiences, personal and cultural conflicts that inform an artist’s work

  • Innovative technical aspects such as how the work is made – use of materials, etc.

  • The creative process, problem solving for creative solutions

  • Pragmatic concerns such as pursuing a career in the arts

  • Interactive opportunities – learning how to create and make using the techniques presented

In the Artist's Studio is generously supported by the Borgenicht Foundation. The Borgenicht Foundation works to promote the understanding of secularism as the way and hope for establishing peace in the world. In addition, the Foundation supports social justice, conservation and historic preservation, the arts, health, and education.