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About the NUMU Permanent Collection

NUMU Collects works of art and historical artifacts that engage and expand interest in the globally relevant arts and histories of the Bay Area with a special focus on Los Gatos.


NUMU's Collection is accessible to the public through:

The Los Gatos History Gallery:  Discover the history, stories, tragedies, triumphs and legacies of Los Gatos' original inhabitants, innovators, artists, political figures, industry leaders, and events and happenings that have shaped the town. This ongoing exhibition invites public participation and conversation through regularly changing exhibits featuring objects from the museum's permanent collection set against a backdrop of original murals created expressly to reveal and revel in the history of the "gem of the foothills." 

Online at eHive: Browse NUMU's art and history collection on this web-based collection cataloguing system. Objects from NUMU's collection are added to eHive as the archiving process progresses and new images become available.


Donate to the NUMU Permanent Collection

NUMU accepts selective donations of artwork and historical artifacts, and has an active collections committee that meets to review submissions. The committee and Museum are committed to the principle that the collection process conforms to the highest standards of ethical and professional museum practices.

NUMU accepts artworks and artifacts as either unrestricted or restricted gifts to the Museum’s Permanent Collection. Unrestricted gifts may or may not remain as part of the Permanent Collection - in that they may be traded for other works of art or sold to otherwise support NUMU’s Permanent Collection or other Museum programs. Restricted gifts are accepted only for perpetual use in the Permanent Collection. This may include items being available for loan to other qualified institutions with whom we partner. 

Works of art and historical artifacts accepted into the Permanent Collection are intended  to significantly enhance the Museum's stated mission and are subject to all Museum policies and requirements.   

The Museum will not provide appraisals to donors per its longstanding policy. Under current IRS guidelines, NUMU cannot act as a qualified appraiser because of the inherent conflict with its role as a donee. If a donor asks for assistance in locating an appropriate appraiser, the Collections staff may suggest qualified appraisers, including art dealers and auction houses.

Please Note: NUMU does not accept unsolicited donations of any kind.

Please Click the appropriate link below to complete a donation offer submission form: