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It Takes a Village! Volunteer Mixer!

It Takes a Village!
A true statement that applies to one of NUMU's newest upcoming exhibitions, about the history of South Bay Amusement Parks: Frontier Village, Santa's Village, and Lost World. 

Be a part of What's New, in the first exhibit to open on the lower level of NUMU. Sign up for a project at this event!

We are looking for a great team of volunteers to lend us your skills, experience, or donations of materials. We will be looking for a few team captains with experience in theater set building, construction, or environmental design for haunted houses and public amusements. Anyone who would like to lend a hand in creating some papier mache candy canes, mushrooms, dinosaurs and grafted tree models. We will also need volunteers to paint these creations and the exhibit walls. 

Building and construction time will begin the week of August 1 and run until just before the exhibition opens at the end of October. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call NUMU (408)354-2646 and ask for Julie Harper, Exhibition Designer or Amy Long, HIstory Curator.