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Our Place in Space: A Panel Discussion About the Future of Space Settlements

Free with admission! 

Join us for a lively conversation about the future of space settlements! What are scientists working on today to create space habitats and settle the next frontier? 

We are honored to present a panel of scientists from NASA Ames Research Center to discuss these topics, answer questions and share their latest findings with the community.

Panelists: Sid Sun, Chief of the Space Biosciences Division NASA Ames Research Center; Dr. Ann-Sofie Schreurs, NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow; Lynn D. Harper, Lead of Integrative Studies for both the Emerging Commercial Space Office and NASA Ames Research Center Space Portal; Al Globus NASA Ames Scientist and Founder/Manager of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest.

Panel Moderator: Alexandra Hall, Principal, Sodor Space Agency LLC.