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Conversation with a NASA Research Scientist

  • New Museum Los Gatos 106 E. Main Street Los Gatos, CA 95030 (map)

Thursday, January 21 | 7-8pm | Free with admission

Please join us for a conversation with NASA Research Scientist Al Globus, as he discusses the future of space settlements. 

One day in 1978 Al Globus’ housemate brought home a stack of CoEvolution Quarterly issues, including an issue discussing Princeton professor Gerard O’Neill’s vision of free space settlements.  Al was electrified.  As soon as he graduated he got a job as a contractor at NASA Ames Research Center eventually working on Hubble, ISS, X37, shuttle, earth observation, teleoperation, molecular nanotechnology, asteroid mining, and bone development in micro-g wining many awards and publishing many papers along the way. More important, he made two primary contributions to space settlement: firstly, founding and managing the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest for 6-12th grade students, and secondly, revisiting the assumptions of the need for radiation shielding and limited human tolerance of rotation.

Free with admission to the museum.