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Versailles & Louis XIV, The Sun King (1638-1715) with Celine Glon

Thursday, March 3 | 7-8pm | Free with Admission

Experience a journey in Versailles and its gardens. Discover the rich personality of Louis XIV making him so popular as over the world. This lecture will cover details about daily life in the 17th century including the severe etiquette that was strictly observed at that time. We’ll explore King’s personality facets, how he imposed his monarch’s rules to all, even to the Queen who had to live and accept the different King’s mistresses.

We will observe how great engineers contributed to the success of Versailles by creating the most beautiful Jardin à la Française. Versailles became the Center of Power under the Ancien Régime and attracted the different personalities who came to visit the Palace in the 17th century. Take a walk into one of history’s most exciting and controversial eras – one that will give you the urge to travel back in time!

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