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Conversation with Linda Christensen, exhibiting artist: More Than Your Selfie

Conversation with Linda Christensen, exhibiting artist: More Than Your Selfie

Thursday, March 31 | 7 - 8pm | Free with Admission

Linda Christensen received her fine arts education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1985 and a Graduate Certificate the following year. Born in Berkeley, and currently residing and working in Santa Cruz, Christensen has always drawn inspiration and serenity from her natural surrounds, especially the coast. The horizon line has been present in the artist’s life since she was born and is featured in nearly all of her works. In her evocative paintings of ocean landscapes and domestic interiors this linear reference to her past and present is always there. While her work is deeply personal, Christensen ultimately pays homage to the universality of human emotion. More than merely observing the figure, the viewer is invited to sympathize with the subject.

Christensen states: “It is not enough to simply observe; we understand ourselves and others through feeling, through checking in emotionally. As a child I was always in tune with the subtle shifts in mood of those around me and this sensitive observation of strangers has continued to inspire my work as an artist. I catch people who are in a private place and are turned within. It is a brief moment, but something that we all do without being aware. There’s something magical in seeing the humanness in others as they turn inwards, reflectively, but uncritically.”

Christensen has been represented by galleries in New York, Carmel, Laguna Beach, Dallas, and Ketchum, Idaho. Her work is prized in numerous collections across the United States, including the Crocker Art Museum of Fresno, the George Blair Collection, and Nordstrom.