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Songs for Social Justice

Songs for Social Justice

Saturday, May 21  |  12pm - 4pm  |  Free Admission

Join us for an afternoon of exploring social justice and activism through songs, song-writing and other activities as local musicians and bands explore social justice through song. 

Performances by: Bean Kaloni Tupou and Sounds Joe and Jack Make

Poe-tree: Invites visitors to write lyrics that have moved them or their own poems and write them on leaves made of paper, and fabric and then attach them to the tree branches. There will also be song lyrics available for people to use when creating their own leaves.  

Found Music: Inspired by Guillermo Gallindo, NUMU will invite visitors to create their own musical instruments out of found items (recyclables, rubber bands, etc).

Street Art Workshop (to be held on the NUMU Sculpture Garden): Activating a large piece of butcher paper as a conceptual “wall”, we will invite visitors to decorate it with paint, stencils, and markers. Complemented by photos of street art on the separation wall, the Berlin Wall, and the Mexican-American fence and work by artists such as Ana Teresa Fernandez, invite visitors to visually reflect upon walls, both physical and intangible.

NUMU Theatre: We will be screening videos of social justice in song, both past and present, from reinterpretations of Woody Guthrie’s Deportees (Los Gatos Canyon) to the manifestation of social activism in the music world today; interviews from the Grammy Museum’s Woody Guthrie Celebration as well as films that support art and activism.