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Seeds of Hope

NUMU was inspired by Bay Area artist Michele Théberge's interactive art installation project for the 100 Days of Action initiative undertaken by artists around the country. Theberge's project, Seeds of Hope amplifies the stories, hopes and dreams of all Americans as a part of NUMU's Summer Celebration Open House event to invite and share the stories from our community. Seeds of Hope unites and amplifies the wishes, hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Americans, in a secular prayer action. Théberge represents each participant with a small painting of a seed. As each seed is pinned to the gallery wall, the personal intention of that participant is spoken out loud.

Over the course of the installation, hundreds of seed paintings representing individuals and their hopes and dreams will come together in large wave-like formations. One wave will represent those who have lived in the United States for one or more generations, and the other represents newcomers. Each painted seed stands for our potential to contribute to our nation and fulfill our own dreams in the process. New immigrants, and those whose families have been here for ages, will grow into one interwoven whole on the gallery wall.

This installation begins at NUMU on Saturday, June 24, 2017 during our Summer Celebration. Michele Théberge is interested in gathering your personal hopes and aspirations. If you could have someone pray for your dreams or wishes to come true, what would your most simple request be? All responses will be kept anonymous, unless you choose to share a name. During the summer months, we invite the public to continue adding their hopes and stories at our Seeds of Hope artist station in the NUMU MakerSpace.

For more information and to add your story visit .