Historical Artifact Donation

The Museum’s permanent history collection is made up largely of artifacts donated by community residents, and we appreciate your desire to become involved in preserving Los Gatos history.

To determine whether NUMU is the best fit for your object, we need to ask a few questions that will help the Collections Committee make a well-informed decision. Because of space and care requirements, we must consider every donation offer very carefully. The Museum will care for your object in perpetuity, so we need to be sure that we are the best new home for your donation. Please help us by answering and submitting the questions below as completely as you can.

Following your submission, the Collections staff will carefully consider your offer and research our existing collection. The offer will then go before a committee of other staff and board members. Due to the deliberate nature of the consideration process, it may take several weeks to reach a decision. Should we determine that NUMU is not an appropriate repository for your item, we will do our best to recommend how you might find the right museum or institution to ensure the long-term care and appreciation of your donation.

If you have additional questions, please contact NUMU’s Collections Manager at collections@numulosgatos.org

For more information about how museums consider historical artifact donations and other tips, please read this helpful article.