Tales Visualized by Asian American Women Artists

The art exhibition It’s Personal: Stories Visualized by Asian American Women Artists (October 17 – November 25, 2012) documents a vignette of Asian American women artists that represent the confluence of the past and future with work that is relevant and approachable. The artists exhibiting in It’s Personal are descendants from at least five Asian cultures from China, Korea, Japan, India and the Philippines. Each artist negotiates their Asian ethnicity in the context of their femininity/humanity and in the context of the world of contemporary art. The exhibition, curated by Linda Inson Choy, showcases the works of Susan Almazol, Jungran Bae, Reiko Fujii, Kay Kang, Pallavi Sharma, Cynthia Tom and Maggie Yee.

“The Asian American experience as it pertains to visual art is layered with complexities. Put simply, there is not one cohesive Asian American aesthetic, language or even ethnicity.  The works in the exhibition speak volumes and allude to each artist’s individual interpretation of her own Asian American experience based on her own past history.   In the end it is the hope of this curator to impart a sentiment that suggests we are all Americans with similar hopes and aspirations for inclusion and in pursuit of happiness.” – Linda Choy, Curator.