Congratulations to our People's Choice Award Winner      

Joshua Bodnar, Joanna Acevedo, and Michael Heering, Helping Hand


Award Winners for Bridges: Facing Challenges, 2015

Thank you to all who have participated in the 2015 exhibition!

Our judges have made their decisions about which artists will be awarded prizes for their work.

Congratulations to the following artists. 

BEST IN SHOW      Harriet Cassell, In Orbit

FIRST PLACE IN PAINTING      Matthew Greene, By Death

SECOND PLACE IN PAINTING      Anna Edwards, Deflowered

JUDGES' RECOGNITION IN PAINTING      Sara DiSilvestro,  Alternate #7

FIRST PLACE IN WATERCOLOR & DRAWING      Jessica Yang, You Are What You Tweet



JUDGES' RECOGNITION IN WATERCOLOR & DRAWING      Elena Jorgensen, Little Girl, Big World


FIRST PLACE IN PHOTOGRAPHY      Karl Fisse, Modern Engrossment


JUDGES' RECOGNITION IN PHOTOGRAPHY      Faraz Gorji, Language Barriers

FIRST PLACE IN MIXED MEDIA      Steven McDonald, The Long March

SECOND PLACE IN MIXED MEDIA      Katherine Massey, Save the Bees

JUDGES' RECOGNITION IN MIXED MEDIA      Brian Marquez, El Inmigrante

FIRST PLACE IN SCULPTURE      Ashayla Harrison, Skeptical Buddha

SECOND PLACE IN SCULPTURE      Nate Cook, Scrutiny

JUDGES' RECOGNITION IN VIDEO      Andrea Hansen, Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur (Who is Silent Gives Consent)

JUDGES' RECOGNITION FOR THEME       Hannah Ferguson, Glitch

JUDGES' RECOGNITION FOR THEME       Sophia Luo, DNA: Do Not Abandon

Congratulations to the following students!

  • Acevedo Perez, Antonia
  • Ahy, Mondy
  • Atkinson, Ivy
  • Bengston, Siggi
  • Bodnar, Josh & Acevedo, Joanna & Heering, Michael

  • Braganza, Anisha
  • Bushman, Paige
  • Cassell, Harriet
  • Castaneda, Illiana
  • Chen, Anna
  • Chen, Katie
  • Cockerell, Emma
  • Cook, Nate
  • Cramer, Roy
  • Cross, Dane
  • Dadok, Samantha
  • Davidson, Shira
  • Davila, Patricia
  • Di Silvestro, Sara
  • Ding, Han
  • Doeden, Kenna
  • Drover, Caitlin
  • Edwards, Anna
  • Edwards,Brianna
  • Espiritu Pico, Samuel
  • Fansey, Sabrina Awuah
  • Ferguson, Hannah
  • Fisse, Karl
  • Freimuth, Sarah
  • Geng, Rachel
  • Gorji, Faraz
  • Goto, Emily
  • Greene, Matthew
  • Hansen, Andrea
  • Harrison, Ashayla
  • Higareda,Max
  • Hu, Elise
  • Istanboulian,Yerem
  • Jorgensen Elena
  • Jung, Noah
  • Ke, Kevin
  • Kitiamkun,Panasak
  • Krumm, Claire
  • Lu, Tyler
  • Luo, Sophia
  • Marquez, Brian
  • Martynenko, Isabel
  • Massey, Katherine
  • McDonald, Steven
  • McGinley, Nora
  • Moulds, Riley
  • Patterson Aidan
  • Podury, Archana
  • Ren, Leon
  • Segovia, Enzo
  • Shvareva, Varvara
  • Walters, Kimi
  • Wang, Kelly
  • Wong, Emily
  • Wu, Jason
  • Zhao, Barbara

Annual Juried High School Exhibition  |  April 16, 2015 through May 10, 2015

In this fourth annual county-wide competition, The Museums of Los Gatos asks Santa Clara County students to visually communicate their ideas and thoughts about this year’s theme, Bridges: Facing ChallengesThe High School Exhibition will run from Thursday, April 16, 2015 through Sunday, May 10, 2015.

Student artists will gain real-world experience presenting their work in a competitive environment and exhibiting in a museum setting. A jury of three university-level artist-educators will select works to be included in the exhibition.

With the mutual goal of supporting and rewarding young artists, this year we are collaborating with Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Arts Coordinator Esther Tokihiro and the Young Artists Showcase Celebration. The top winners of the Museums’ High School Exhibition will have their art piece (either the original or a print) displayed and accepted into the County’s permanent collection. The Young Artists Showcase Celebration is Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 4:30 pm at the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

This Year’s Theme: Bridges

Facing challenges is a part of life. Challenges may be physical, emotional, cultural, personal, institutional, or in the area of communications. How do you see these challenges in your everyday life, or in the world around you? Where are the barriers? What might be the bridges? The possibilities are limitless. Here are a few prompts that might be helpful to consider:

  1. What may be a barrier that prevents movement, understanding, or connection?
  2. What means, connections, or structures can bridge obstacles or create new pathways?
  3. Where can bridges be found? When can bridges find you?

"The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn." – David Russell

"The fate of the bridges is to be lonely; because bridges are to cross not to stay." – Mehmet Murat Ildan


The competition is open to public, home-schooled, private, and charter high school students, grades 9-12, in Santa Clara County.

Works will be accepted in 3 categories:

2D: Paintings, drawings, prints, works on paper, canvas, wood, cardboard, mixed media, film/analogue photography. Anything on a flat surface.

3D: Sculpture, installation, glass, metal, ceramics, mixed media with materials coming off the paper, etc. Anything three dimensional.

4D: New media, video, digital photography, illustration, graphic design, photo-shopped images. Anything created on a computer, digital camera, or screen.


Important Dates

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Santa Clara County-Wide High School Juried Art Exhibition supports students’ critical development in the arts. Be a part of this vital support for the youth in our community by becoming a sponsor today. Commitment to art, history and education in all its forms is a central priority at The Museums of Los Gatos. Your exhibition sponsorship holds clear marketing, community involvement and philanthropic opportunities.

Benefits at various levels of sponsorship can include:

  • Logo credit in all exhibition and program materials: invitations, exhibition catalogue, signage, press releases, website and member mailing/newsletter
  • Opportunity to create advertising and promotional material in consultation with the Museum
  • Opportunity to create a link between your website and the Museum website
  • Sponsor presence at press previews with the option to include a statement the in press kits, and possible speaking role.


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