NINA KATCHADOURIAN.  Lavatory Self-Portrait in the Flemish Style  #13, 2011

NINA KATCHADOURIAN. Lavatory Self-Portrait in the Flemish Style #13, 2011

More Than Your Selfie

January 21- May 15

In support of the New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) mission to feature exhibits that are connected to globally relevant ideas, art and history, NUMU is pleased to present More Than Your Selfie, an exhibit about the genre and practice of self-portraiture.

It is an enduring tradition for humans to create self-portraits. The self-portrait is used to mark one’s presence, to convey and construct identity and beliefs, and to celebrate or promote individuality and skills. Self-portraits are utilized to facilitate healing, record life changes, events or aging. The self-portrait is also a tool for introspection.More Than Your Selfie will explore the history of the self-portrait, how self-representation has developed over time, its various aspects, motives and intentions, and how the self-portrait continues to permeate and inform our current culture and technology.

Featuring self-portraits created in the Bay Area and beyond by eighteen artists, working with a range of media,More Than Your Selfie examines art, history, psychology, culture, identity, and community. In addition, the exhibit incorporates opportunities for creative, engaging and interactive visitor experiences.

With More Than Your Selfie, we aim to tell the story of self-portraiture through examples from artists, collectors and art history that provide an illustration of the diversity within this genre; we will also tap into the global interest in the ubiquitous “selfie.”

This exhibition will encourage an understanding of how self-portraiture can teach us about history, psychology, identity and social constructions, as well as communicate our individual and shared stories of human experience.More Than Your Selfie will engage our community audience with an interactive social media “selfie” project.

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