The Visual Artists Behind the Theater Experience | Guest Curator: Kim Pfahnl

Come backstage to experience the stagecraft of set designers, costumers, make-up and lighting artists as The Museums of Los Gatos presents Unmasking the Stage: The Visual Artists Behind the Theater Experience. This captivating exhibition brings you the work of talented designers from the Bay Area Theatre community and immerses you in their vision. Discover the processes these artists use to create a sense of place and time, real or imagined, for their theater audience.


Our Generous Exhibition Sponsor: Musson Theatrical

Musson Theatrical is part of the artistic community and prides itself on making the jobs of artists, teachers, designers, and technicians easier by providing the highest quality products and services for the entertainment technology industry.

Our Exhibition Entertainment

Shady Shakespeare Theatre Company

Shady Shakespeare Theatre Company is committed to making Shakespeare accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and to building community through cultural participation.

Vivace Youth Chorus

Vivace Youth Chorus of San José engages students from all areas of the community in balanced courses in vocal training, music theory, and performances that are centered around the core values of choral excellence, regard for each child, kinship among choristers and their families, and respect for the cultures that comprise our diverse community.

Starting Arts

Starting Arts is a non-profit arts organization that is dedicated to promoting and preserving arts education for children in Bay Area schools and allow students the opportunity to take their talent to the next level.