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Coffee Tawk with Exhibiting Artist, Charlotte Kruk

Coffee Tawk with Exhibiting Artist, Charlotte Kruk

Thursday, August 8 | 2-3pm
FREE for members | FREE with admission

This Month's Tawk
(aka SJ native, Charlotte Kruk) will share the back story of her creative ideations. Surrounded by materials and a variety of works from her distinctively colorful studio, Kruk will offer insight into her creative process & entertain us with her distinctive take on life and art. Get ready for a real treat to compliment your coffee!

Kruk is best known for her wearable sculptures crafted from repurposed food and candy wrappers.She transforms discarded materials (candy wrappers, cookie boxes, paper, sugar bags, and plastic spoons and forks) into fine art. In this exhibition, visitors will see examples of her vibrant and colorful wearable sculptures and playful ceramics. Kruk’s work is a response to environmental, cultural, and personal experiences. Also on view are some of Kruk’s art making tools and personal items, along with photographs of private studio spaces, which are rarely open to the public.

Kruk is the featured artist in the museum's In the Artist's Studio exhibition series that supports the museum’s mission to share stories in new ways. Through this program, NUMU offers insight into the practice of artmaking and shares with the community the ingenuity, intelligence and empathy that goes into the creative process.