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Press Releases

After the Lovin' at New Museum Los Gatos  Exhibitions and Events
Image 1: Photograph, Black Panthers outside the Black Panther Party National Headquarters Oakland, California, 1970. Photographer: Ilka Hartmann, Courtesy of Ilka Hartmann.
Image 2: Photograph, Entrance sign for Chateau Liberté, 1970. Courtesy of Pearl Regis.

Join NUMU for the Summer Celebration   |   Saturday, June 24

Power of the Page: Artists’ Books as Agents for Change   |   May 4 - Sept 17, 2017

Abstracts from Life: Bay Area Figurative Past and Present  |  March 24, 2017 - September 10, 2017

Image 1: SUHAS BHUJBAL. Flower Market, 2016. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Andrea Schwartz Gallery.
Image 2: JENNIFER POCHINSKI. The Wonderful Race, 2016. Oil on panel. Courtesy of the artist and Dolby Chadwick Gallery

A Call to Collect | January 27- June 4

Fall 2016 Exhibitions

Cement Prairie: The History and Legacy of the American Indian Urban Relocation Program of 1952   |   November 3 - June 25

Image 1: Ilka Hartmann. Preparing for the Dance, 1973.
Image 2: ILKA . Urban Indian Car, Oakland, CA, about 1971.

Announcing Maureen Cappon-Javey as NUMU Deputy Director

A Journey in Time: Los Gatos History Project | September 22 and ongoing 

McMoons: How a Band of Scientists Saved Lunar Image History |  September 22 - May 14 

Image 1: Earthrise Image, restored and unrestored, NASA Lunar Orbiter 1, 1966. Courtesy of SkyCorp and Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project.
Image 2: High Resolution Photograph 2162_h3, 1966, View of the Copernicus Crater, NASA Lunar Orbiter 2, 1966. Courtesy of SkyCorp and Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project.




Making Contact SETI Artist In Residence | October 27 to March 4

Image 1: CHARLES LINDSAY, Wormhole Generator, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.
Image 2: CHARLES LINDSAY, Deep Time Audio Extraction Device, 2016. Mixed media. Courtesy of the artist.
Image 3: MARTIN WILNER, January 2015: Jill Tarter (Making History: The Case Histories) (recto), 2015, Ink and watercolor, 16.5 x 17.125 inches. Courtesy of the artist. 

In the Heart of the Wild: Anne Brigman and Her Circle | July 14, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Image 1: ANNE BRIGMAN. Finis, 1912. Photogravure. Courtesy of Judy Dater. 
Image 2: ANNE BRIGMAN. Puck with Bubble,  1906. Photogravure. Courtesy of Judy Dater.

Script & Scribble: The Art and History of Handwriting | May 19 to October 6

Image 1: Palmer Alphabet
Image 2: Handwriting Workbook

Mitchell vs. Steinbeck | May 12 to October 6

Image 1: Ruth Comfort Mitchell
Image 2: John Steinbeck, circa 1939.

Et in Arcadia Ego |  June 2 to October 2

Image 1: Attributed to Nicolas Poussin, Promised Land, c. 1650
Image 2: DAVID LIGARE, Et in Arcadia Ego, 2016
Image 3: ASTRID PRESTON, Mountain Path, 1989
Image 4: STEPHANIE PEEK, Deeper 1, 2011
Image 5: ODD NERDRUM, In Arcadia (Self Portrait), 2011

Hats Off: Highlights from the NUMU Permanent History Collection |  March 24, 2016 – June 26, 2016

Image 1: West Point Shako, 1954. 
Image 2: Brown Velvet Woman's Toque. 
Image 3: Milliner's Hats, Courtesy of Wayne Wichern


Press Releases and Image Files for Upcoming and Current Exhibitions